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Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Search engine optimization is a technique by which the content on a web page get optimized so that the search engine provides your web page on the top of the search results by using some set of keywords during searches. It is needed because in day to day life many people use internet and 90% of them use search engine for searching, and in those 90% population using search engine for searching 80% use Google, and when they search they usually take a look at the first five links of the result they get about the 67% of all clicks, so if your website is appearing after the first and second page then you are not about to be a part of the race of getting traffic to your websites.

There are three types of search engine optimization white hat, grey hat, black hat.

White Hat:
In this, the optimization is done as per the rules and regulations of the search engine officers. 

Grey Hat:  
In this optimization, we do the things as we have been said but also some of our own strategies which tend to bend the rules a little.

Black Hat:
In this type of optimization we as an optimizer does not follow any kind of rules and regulations to optimize the page they simply use their own strategies or hacks for optimizing the page and there are penalties if you get caught by the officers and if it is done successfully then it will help in getting traffic on your web page .

There is also another type of optimization which mainly not included in a type but it is “Ass hat SEO”. In this, the optimizer not really have so much knowledge of optimization.  They tend to mix all types of optimization which increases the risk of getting caught so, in reality, it is a black hat technique with a high risk of getting caught.

There are two ways to optimize your web page they are On-Page and Off-Page. 

On page optimization technique: 
It involves the modification of the web page in such a way that gets easily searched with a combination of a set of keywords. In this, we include modifying the title, headers, images, content, and style of your web page.

Off-page optimization technique:
Off-page techniques include directory submissions, social bookmarking, article submissions, blog submission and they play a major role in getting traffic to your websites.

Saturday, 7 July 2018

Are You Getting So Many Clicks But Not A Conversions Why?

The Pay Per Click advertising has been a substantial advance over the traditional advertising. Unlike the latter, PPC ads only asks you to pay for effectiveness. In the process, it has quite changed the process of advertising. The focus should be on the most difficult part -i.e. conversion rate

PPC is a great method to attract traffic and customers with a proven methodology to gain leads. But the methodology is very specific and can lead to major disappointments when you find that in spite of numerous clicks, very few convert. One can blame the creative/content or even the methodology, but it is futile beyond a point. In fact, your website and landing page may be to blame! 

If you are getting many clicks but no conversions, perhaps it is time to join hands with a PPC management company. It is a fact that more than 80% of companies try to market themselves, but only about 40% find it effective. Only about one fifth can really claim to properly track Return on Investment (ROI). Not only do they offer perfect PPC management services, their well trained staff and dedicated workforce constantly  monitor the effectiveness and throughput to return the best results. Ultimately, this converts into increased ROI - thus making every rupee you invest go further in expanding leads and business. 

Some of the reasons for lesser conversions are:

1. Faulty landing page or website in terms of Google Search 

These three factors are critical for this: 

a) Easily Comprehensible Navigation – The landing page must provide the complete information about the product or services. It must contain Call to Action button and must have suitable keywords

b) Attractive Design - A badly designed landing page puts off the users and lowers the company’s perception. The money spent on pay per click marketing strategies is thus wasted.  Having fewer links on your landing page has been proven to increase conversion rates when it comes to paid advertising
2. Deceitful Ads

Creating tempting ads is easy but backfires in the long run . Unless there is a tight connection between these and what is on offer – or these are not what your customer desires, your customer is going to move on.  

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Friday, 8 June 2018

Why Customer Reviews Are Important?

Customer reviews provide support to people all over the world to choose the best service and product. The sales of the business and the behavior of the public is influenced and controlled by company reviews by customers. A lot of positive customer testimonials can boost the authority of online business and for leading more conversions and sales. There are various fields like travel, Ecommerce, hospitality and other similar portals, where before taking own decision, customers like to study other customer’s reviews. Here are some reasons on why customer reviews are important for business nowadays.

It is true, when right positive reviews strike the right positive chord, the person can be turned to a customer just by reading that proper customer review. Sometimes, people buy product online just by seeing five stars or the appreciation in the review section.

Presently it is essential to check things online, before making decision judiciously. For an example, if you want to make a trip for any tourist spots, you will take the help of travel agency and websites like Travelocity, Tripoto etc. You might read the travel blog to search for the best customer reviews and recommendations for hotels, places to visit etc.

When you purchase anything form a retail store, the personal salesman guides you to choose the product for buying. But, when you want to admit your son in a school, the parents who have already experienced for that school will act as your personal salesman and their reviews and recommendations will guide to decide for the selection of the school. Ultimately, the absence of personal sales will not affect, if reviews and recommendations are available, it motivates the customers.

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